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Here are some apps and how they appear on various devices.

App images courtesy of Heather Agnew Photography, Photography by Jill Ann, Kara Reese Photography, Little Bells Photography, J. McBee Portrait Gallery

MyPhotoApp's unique set of capabilities is everything you need to build customized gorgeous apps across all devices... the easy way.
There is nothing else like it!

#1 Rated App Builder By Our Customers




Nick Porcaro

nFocus Photos

There are other app builders out there but none of them have all the killer features built into MyPhotoApp. My favorite feature is the forms builder that transforms MyPhotoApp into a one stop marketing machine.

Using the forms feature in MyPhotoApp I can quickly create true marketing funnels that allow potential clients to easily request information by filling out one of the forms I build into every client's app. That means my client's friends aren't just delighted looking at my apps, they can immediately act on that delight and request more information right at the moment they are most excited!

Another unique feature I love in MyPhotoApp is it's multipage capabilities that allowed me to quickly build a mobile version of my website that blows away the standard mobile view typical in today's template sites.

All that and some of the best customer support in the business make MyPhotoApp a true no-brainer for your business!!


Bill Tucker

Tucker Creative Photo

I have been using MPA (MyPhotoApp) for about a year now. MPA has helped to double my business. MPA is a great marketing tool, it makes it easy for customers share there images with others and get information on our studio. The forms are incredible.. I use MPA forms and apps for so many things. If you want you can even design a mobile friendly web site. Support and improvements? OMG.. I have worked with many software vendors over the years and I can honestly say that the support and feature improvements and requests in MPA are second to none!!! If you don't have MPA you are missing the best opportunity to grow your business that I know of!!

Vicki Derks


I’ve built posing APPs as well as lighting APPs for my personal use. I’ve also created clothing/color suggestion APPs. I’ve not done it yet but am planning to create a promo app to send to clients as well as a Seniors congratulations APP that I will send to all my seniors thanking them…. It will include MY favorite photo from all the sessions… Along with a coupon for future referrals.



Tom Usher


When I first heard about the iPhone photo apps (from another company) I thought that the last thing I needed was another thing to add to my workflow but as the year has progressed I’ve seen my senior clients using Facebook less and less and Twitter more and more. I was concerned because I couldn’t share more than one image on Twitter at a time. I didn’t know how I was going to stay digitally visible.

I tried MyPhotoApp because of a promotional price and especially because of the 30 day money back guarantee. I was blown away at how quick and easy it was to produce an app. I already create “iWallets” for my clients which they receive on CD-ROM after the sale. I now simply use those same iWallets to create an app for them as well. It’s usually done and e-mailed to them before they get out of my parking lot. I post MyPhotoApps to my FB page and tweet them as well.

I have had many clients ask how they can get that “cool phone app” during their sales meeting so I know that it’s getting buzz. For the ease of use and the great price this is something that you shouldn’t pass up!



Jeff Comella


MyPhotoApp is mindlessly easy to use!

I was using a competitor’s app but felt that it took way too much effort and time to setup an album. Setup is fast and takes a fraction of the time. The auto crop seems just about perfect every time. Arrange the photos, click, and you’re done!

One huge benefit for the viewer or client, is the app loads much quicker than the competitors too. You’re not kept waiting.

Seniors absolutely love the app! They carry their cell phones with them all the time and so they have their senior photos with them too.

A particular feature I really like is the statistics. The first 30 or so senior apps uploaded have been viewed more than 1000 times! Each viewer sees my business logo, all my contact information and, and can visit my website in one click. It’s as if my clients are promoting my business with each person they share the app.

Jim, this is a Killer App! Thanks so much!

Brilliant job with the app.

I was using Sticky Albums but felt that it took way too much work + time to setup an album–MyPhotoApp takes a fraction of the time (i’d guess only 25% of the time it did with StickyAlbum).


Robert Gunter

I used Sticky and there is a big difference in My Photo App and Sticky. My Photo App is much faster to created and loads faster than Sticky. Glad I switched!


Martina Zaletel

I love My Photo App because it's so easy to create your own App, takes couple of minutes all together and you are done.

I tried the competition and I had to follow instructions and still didnt get it, it took more than 10 minutes and then I left it unfinished, no way that would be something I would be willing to go trough every time.

My Photo App is intuitive, the interface is not the prettiest there is but who cares about that, the ease of use and what client sees is important. And it gets five stars in that regard.



David Quisenberry

Images That Speak

I have actually booked new sessions by gifting each client who spends 1000 their own app. I am excited about the 2 new features of share by text (all my seniors communicate via txt) plus clickable image linked to url. I am going to now tie all my offers to a “client type” specific url.

I also have been using this app to create a set of poses I would like to use for a session. A great way to quickly remind me as it seems I am starting to need that more and more….

Even though I have just started using MyPhotoApp it is already bringing big dividends with my clients. One client showed it off to a friend and the friend called to book the next day. This will be another tool that will fit very well in my marketing.




Jayme Goetz


I have been using it! Love. I show off my favorite senior shoot on my phone all the time from my phone. Everyone thinks it is cool that I have my own app.

I finally made an app for my Sister-in-law and she shared it on Facebook. Keep in mind I recently posted her pics and tagged her but for some reason the app created more buzz. One of her friends commented….

“definitely love your pics!!!!! I have got to get an appt with Jayme!!!”

So I just sent the friend a message and told her my number and thanks for compliment about pics, blah, blah

I am going to share my app on my personal page too. I have one on my phone that has my personal family pictures to show off.


Angela Goodhart


This is a GREAT idea. I had been working on color palettes using pictures of my more stylish clients, thinking to incorporate them into a brochure or flyer. But creating an app is a fantastic idea. Hmmmm, I guess I could do a “Welcome” app, or a “What to Expect” app…

I just checked this out and it was SO EASY to use (and I regret to say that I, a former computer programmer, am easily confused by technology these days), I signed up and created a test app and had it on my iphone in 7 minutes. Definitely signing up — thanks for the great deal.


Lori Kreutzer


I tried Sticky and My Photo App at the same time. Within a few minutes I created an app with My Photo App. 25 minutes after I downloaded Sticky, I still couldn’t figure out how to upload photos, so I said Forget That and never looked back. I love My Photo App!


Shannon McDonald

Shannon McDonald Photography

Wow. That's some crazy good customer service Jim.